Our Story - The Fast Light Difference

Our Story - The Fast Light Difference

The Fast Light Fire Starter Journey began in 2020. Like you, we were locked down, unable to see family & friends the way we were all used to. Fortunately for us, we had the outdoors, any chance we can find to get outside, you'll find us out there doing something, whether it be in the yard, out on the bikes tearing up some mud or exploring the green spaces around us. We spent countless nights out in the forests, hiking, fishing and taking it all in enjoying nature and the good the company.

Naturally, our adventures continued to expand across new areas of our Province. As time went on, we started heading deeper into the woods and fields, down along the shore lines and across the waters; all the while carrying a bunch of gear, more gear than we'd even brought before on an adventure.

Tents, backpacks, food, clothes, tools, you name it, if there was a need for it out there, we lugged it, some items were bulky and in the way; we needed to get smart about what we were packing and shed that unnecessary weight as we progressed, but we had to have fire available to us, its just not negotiable. So, naturally we started to take notice of just how much space and weight our fire building gear was consuming and bringing in enough newspapers for a two week journey into the sticks was highly unrealistic so we did what many folks do, we scrapped the paper idea and went right to pre-packaged chemical laden fire starters. We were on the right track we thought, they're light and take up minimal amounts of space in the pack. Problem solved right? Not quite.

They worked, got the job done for us but we couldn't help but notice the smell and residue these things were leaving on our hands, packs and gloves. We're cooking on top of these things, what's the point of being able to start a fire conveniently if you have to wait for the fuel to burn off before you can start cooking on it, plus, we're surround by nature, clean and unsullied nature......and the smell of kerosene. It just didn't feel right or smell right. 

It was after that trip that the concept for Fast Light was born, a few months later, after development and some rigorous testing, these light weight, organic, clean burning fire starters that we wanted so badly in the brush were here.

After making an absolute mess of our home kitchens and workshops, trying to find the right formulation, we had samples to take into the woods and we did just that. It was amazing, not having to worry about them getting wet or contaminating our gear and hands with harsh chemicals and perfumes, we were very happy.

We started to bring them on camping trips and to backyard fires. People started asking us where we got these things and how they could get their hands on them. One thing lead to another and we're now making large batches of Fast Light Fire Starters and educating our friends and family about the importance of conservation and not bringing chemical laced product into the woods, and before we knew it we couldn't keep up with demand. We set up the full operation in the garage and now we're pumping out thousands of these things each night. 

We love the great outdoors, we respect it and we need to treat it right. 

Fast Light Fire Starters pledges to make fully organic, clean, effective survival and convenience products to not only protect your health but the health of mother nature as much as we can. 


Thank you for your support! 

- Team at Phoenix Fire Products

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