Why Fast Light?

Great Question! Fast Light is a fully organic convenient fire starter that saves you time and eliminates the need to collect kindling, papers or both to start your fire. They are food, pet and child safe.  

Opening the Cottage: Fast Light Fire Starters are perfect to get your wood stove lit the first time so you can unload the vehicles and return to a cozy cottage.

Lighting Charcoal: We love BBQ! Fast Light burns clean without chemicals so you can focus on your cook and not wonder if the lighter fluid has burned completely off.

Camp Fire: You bring enough camping; space in the bags or trailer is at a premium. Now you don't need to lug messy papers or kindling. 

Okay, but why? I can use Gasoline or other chemicals. You could, absolutely you could but there's a great reason to avoid that, your health & your family's health. 

Lighting a fire with gasoline can be dangerous and we know that you don't want your guests, children or pets breathing fumes that they just don't need to.

Your eyebrows and insurance policies will thank you!

Small Hands & Furry Paws: Fast Light contains 100% organic material and are safe to have around the house, cottage, RV, Trailer and more. Unlike our competitors Fast Light contains no chemicals or perfumes.

You can smell the competition a mile away but, do you want to? Fast Light passes the smell test every time!

Listen. Size Matters: Fire Starters come in all shapes and sizes. Our competitors can be small in size and laced with harsh chemicals or they're twice the size of the Original Fast Light cube and you're literally lighting money on fire. Fast Light is the perfect size & buys you time so you can be doing what you want and not babysitting a fire that wont light with newspapers or adding chemicals to your fire. What's it worth to you?

Yes, for the most part we can all start a fire, but how many times have you set up your fire, lit the papers or the kindling only to come back to a weak, smokey or non existent fire and the wood is only a little bit damp, two trips later the fire is kind of going and the kids are impatient because...Well...S'Mores.

Sometimes you just want the fire now and that's why Fast Light is here. You can toast those marshmallows or tasty S'Mores right away! 

-Team Fast Light