Responsibility & Guarantee

Phoenix Fire Products is committed to sustainable conservation/recreation activities and manufacturing clean chemical free high performance Fast Light Fire Starters. There are no chemicals used to accelerate burn times.

We use only clean, pure organic ingredients in our high performance fire starters. Fast Light holds its own against other wax based fire starters often at half the size and comparable price points.

Our competitors just can't pass the smell test, Fast Light Fire Starters can pass the test with no smell at all. No perfumes, dyes or harsh chemical accelerants. None. Our food friendly fire starter is a convenient way to get your fire going without having to deal with messy, inconsistent kindling and newspapers or by introducing unwanted chemicals to your cook.

Our plant based wax formulation is off white in colour and offers no scent. The wax also carries an above average melting point of 140 degrees Fahrenheit which allows it to be stowed in the vehicle, on the picnic table or in the trailer without the risk of melting into the vehicle on super hot days. 

The second part of the Fast Light equation is our wood application process. Our wood product must pass a rigid biosecurity process to ensure that no mould or biological compounds are found within it, clean performance is the goal, and Fast Light is the result. 

The Fast Light Guarantee is simple. One single Fast Light Original cube will burn for at least 20 minutes in reasonable conditions or your money back! 

Whether you're at home or at the cottage, Fast Light Fire Starters is a high performance kindling alternative convenience product. No more messy newspaper or cardboard hanging around. 

Phoenix Fire Products