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Fast Light Original Organic Fire Starter - The Cottage Pack

Fast Light Original Organic Fire Starter - The Cottage Pack

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Our convenient Fast Light Cottage Pack contains 64 individual Organic Fire Starter that'll perform every time you need them and get you through the season without the need for a messy kindling collection cluttering your happy place.

Because Fast Light makes a 100% Organic Fire Starter using ethically sourced ingredients, they are safe for little hands, furry friends, and cooking over an open flame. No more waiting for that lighter fluid smell to flash off before your cook. Zero chemicals or accelerants, Zero dyes or perfumes unlike most of our competitors. Fast, Clean & Convenient fires, every time!

The Fast Light Original Organic Fire Starter is guaranteed to light and are safe to use in the following applications plus many, many more:

  • Wood Stove
  • Camp Fire
  • Chimenea
  • Sauna
  • Barbecue
  • Fire Pit
  • Charcoal
  • Smoker

You can smell the competition a mile away. But do you want to?


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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Fast Light Use Accelerants or Chemicals in Their Fire Starters?

Not a Chance. Fast uses 100% organic materials in every fire starter. Food safe, pet safe, kid safe.

How long does Fast Light burn?

Fast Light is guaranteed to burn for 20 minutes.

Can I use Fast Light to start my charcoal?

Absolutely, Fast Light is best suited for the fire box, charcoal chimney and non porous surfaces. No lighter fluid is required. Clean, organic.